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Evil Overlord

Published: 2020-05-30 16:08:00

Rating: 5.0/5⭐

Welcome to the world of EvilOverlord, where monsters are your allies and humans are your enemies. Grab the action by the throat as Heir, as you venture out from your castle in a quest for revenge against the humans that killed your father. Gather your monster allies and siege the human cities after which you will be able to decide the fate of those you defeat in battle. Will you spare the humans, or feed them to your legions of hungry minions? Explore a world filled with interesting characters, funny quests and dangerous locations.

Oral Vore (OV) (60) F/m (36) M/f (29) F/f (38) M/m (32) Human (25) Fatal (53) Shrinking (21) Soft Vore (57)

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Evil Overlord


By: Алекс
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2021-05-06 09:43:01

Очень крутая и интересная игра. Тут совсем не много из аспекта Vore. Но у этой игры, очень хороший и пророботанный сюжет!