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Sam and Dan's Halloween

Published: 2020-05-31 20:00:19

Rating: 5.0/5⭐

Samantha the kangaroo and Danielle the dingo are best friends. They do everything together, live together, and love eachother. But Dan's love for Sam isstronger than Sam even knows.
She has a crush on Sam, but doesn't have the courage to say so. They already have sex with eachother, but it's just a friends with benefits type of thing. Dan has never been the
shy type, but for some reason can't confess that she wants to take things with Sam to a whole new level.

It's Halloween night, and both girls are finally off from work. Sam wants to stroll around the city, while Sam feels like staying on the couch, but she does request Sam topick her up a fresh pack
of cigarettes, the dingo being a somewhat heavy smoker. As Sam goes around the city, she will find other residents to talk to, and, to eat! The kagaroo loving some nice filling prey, loving how they feel moving around in her belly, the roo being always optimistic and fun loving. But Dan has some idea of how to spend the night as well. Explore five different areas, alternating between Sam and Dan's perpectives. Talk to other residents of Buntopia city, do some quests and find some yummy people to eat! Three different endings dependent on which people the girls have talked to. Could Dan finally open up a little and even start to explore vore herself?

Made with GB Studio, playable on any device that can play original Gameboy games.

Oral Vore (OV) (47) Anal Vore (AV) (24) F/m (30) M/f (23) F/f (32) Furry (34) Fatal (45) Sexual Content (39) Safe (18) Micro (24) Soft Vore (44) Herm (7)

This game is available for free


Sam and Dan's Halloween


By: ThatWeirdGuy
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2020-07-31 00:03:00

Pretty much a interesting love story wity 3 interesting endings, wouldn't say the game content is enough to fap but yet it remains entertaining, the game has a lot of scenes to offer and i enjoyed the experience despite the vore scenes being short

By: YouCanFreshMyFresh
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2020-06-04 13:56:12

Full disclosure, I was given early access to this game for bugtesting purposes, but my review applies to the full version downloadable here.

CarnivorousVixen absolutely blows all expectations of what's possible on a Game Boy out of the water with this retro adventure. Full of witty dialogue and lovable characters, this game truly shines in the tons of original, exclusive artwork that comes with completing optional objectives. Beatable in an afternoon if you hustle, I highly recommend you take this game slow and see everything it has in store. There's tons of bonus content awaiting if you do!