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Poskat Brothers

Published: 2020-06-13 16:22:20

Rating: 5.0/5⭐

The objective: infiltrate the territory of a meerkat and possum duo - known as the Poskat Brothers - and steal an object known as the Thunderstone.

The problem: a few days ago, you've been transformed into a Tiny.

This game contains several different vore and paw scenes, some gentler than others. All the vore is in the first person (M/player), except one scene where a third party (a mouse) is eaten - but it is possible to save her! There is no "adult" content here, and all vore is oral.


This game was made using the following Text Adventure engine:

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Used by permission.

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Oral Vore (OV) (66) M/f (29) M/m (34) Furry (46) Fatal (58) Micro (27) Food Play (17) Feet (16) Hard Vore (8) Soft Vore (62) Digestion (49)

This game is available for free


Poskat Brothers


By: kyle2009
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2021-02-22 18:07:59

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