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Axugaem2 - Pandara's Box

Published: 2020-06-16 18:07:57

Rating: Not rated yet

An amnesiac from nowhere, a grieving bone golem, and a hyperactive mutant catgirl set out on a quest across the wild and unpredictable world of Imperium to reunite lost friends and stop a pending demonic invasion.

- An in-progress, open-world RPG with a deep, replayable storyline (Currently ~20 HOURS of gameplay per run!)
- All-original character sprites, artwork, and enemies that can work together, react to environmental changes, and even eat party members! (currently soft, non-fatal vore with potential game-over scenes planned.)
- Recruit and get to know 10+ unique party members, each with distinct art, lore, personality, and character-specific content! Manage relationships with party members to unlock their full potential and change the course of your adventure!
- Choices matter! Who you recruit, who you offend, and what you achieve can change the story in several ways, making each playthrough unique!
- Fetish content: The game is story-based but contains several scenes of stuffing, weight gain, soft nonfatal/fatal vore, burping, and more! Explore Imperium, get to know the party, and you'll find plenty of belly shenanigans!
- Diet Mode: limit the amount of fetish content shown with a flick of a switch! (currently still under development.)

Note: This game is incomplete and has bugs. Patch notes and FAQ are available via the game's DeviantArt link. For help with bugs and other questions, check our post on WeightGaming

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Oral Vore (OV) (81) F/m (44) M/f (33) F/f (50) M/m (39) Furry (58) Human (31) Fatal (66) Safe (34) Soft Vore (79) Digestion (63)

This game is available for free


Axugaem2 - Pandara's Box