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Nights at the Elements

Published: 2020-07-16 16:04:29

Rating: 4.2/5⭐

Teleported to an unknown world, you are stuck in a house full of nice-looking elemental girls. While it does sounds like a dream, there's one minor thing: the angel warns you that those girls aren't ogling you because of your looks, instead they want something more... filling from you. Can you survive several nights away from them while trying to find a way back home, or will you just be another soul who never left the Elemen's house...

Nights at the Elemens (NatE) is a fnaf-like survival game where the player has to stay in a single room and view cameras to avoid getting caught by the various girls lurking around the house. Your only line of defense is a tablet that has access to various cameras in the house (that has a pretty bad battery) and a magic ring that puts up a magical barrier where you are looking (but has a limited charge). Using those two items, predict when the girls will attack and put up the appropriate shield. Getting caught by a girl is likely to end bad (Being that the game is posted here, it should be obvious that vore is involved.). Each girl has their own gimmick, so don't fret if you fail the first few times, understand how they work and plan accordingly.

This game by no means is scary like the actual fnaf series. There are no sudden loud noises, no creepy music, and most of the game over videos don't have sounds (they are being worked on). Ambience only includes cricket noises, and occasionally the faint sounds of the various characters moving around (like footstep

Oral Vore (OV) (66) Breast Vore (BV) (7) Anal Vore (AV) (29) Unbirth (UB) (24) F/m (39) F/f (41) Sexual Content (52) Shrinking (22) Soft Vore (62)

This game is available for free


Nights at the Elements


By: balance99
Score: 3.0/5⭐
Date: 2022-11-02 01:00:48

Is there a cheat or something to get all the different scenes in the gallery?

By: Tibaron
Score: 4.0/5⭐
Date: 2021-07-07 21:48:37

Whenever I try to play I just constantly get frozen over and over by this one ice lady and I have no clue how to beat her

By: jacko
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2021-04-08 13:12:48


By: Xander
Score: 4.0/5⭐
Date: 2020-09-17 00:12:38

So in a game like this, complaints about gameplay would seem kind irrelevant, but this one is already really good so I'm gonna point out a few flaws. 1: Ruby is way to difficult to block. She has no telegraph, is extremely aggressive, is hard to track, and I STILL don't know which door she even comes through despite her being the most frequent predator for me! 2: The door locations. It took me forever to figure out that the LEFT door is actually to your RIGHT on the map. You can see the room witch and Ruby like from it, and Sylph's second hallway leads to it. 3: The nights are way too long. In Fnaf you survive for 6 hours, in this you survive for 10. All other aspects however, brilliantly done.

By: bobtheman
Score: 5.0/5⭐
Date: 2020-07-17 04:47:03

I've played through it completely, and it's pretty enjoyable for what is currently there. The vore scenes are nice, and it's usually fun to play as well.