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Fattening Up The Pup

Published: 2020-07-25 08:52:38

Rating: Not rated yet

Contains feederism, stuffing, pup play, weight gain, fat shaming/humiliation kink, BDSM, and vore

You are a dom whose pup is over to be fed. Choose whether you are a gentle or rough master, and determine what you will serve him. Will you stuff shrimp down his throat, or gently give him pieces of chicken? Only you can determine that.

A free 6000+ word Twine story (9000+ words in the Patreon version) that diverges based on the path you take and the demeanor you have.

Oral Vore (OV) (41)Furry (30)Endo (17)Sexual Content (33)Safe (16)Soft Vore (39)Feeding (4)

This game is available for free


Fattening Up The Pup