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Hell's Perversions

Published: 2020-12-09 13:33:15

Rating: Not rated yet

You are a damned soul, attempting to escape from Hell. Unfortunately for you, the local population of demons has no intention of making that easy. Can you escape punishment, or are you doomed to be devoured, transformed or enslaved?

Hell's Perversions is an illustrated Choose Your Own Adventure style game. The structure is focused on letting the player swiftly reach a variety of erotic Bad Ends, rather than an ongoing narrative. Two options are available for player gender and player genitals (the player choice of gender does not inhibit them from playing with a penis or a vagina).

Future updates are underway. More information on current and future builds is available at the forum thread on Eka's Portal, here:

This game is available for free


Hell's Perversions