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Reindeer Games

Published: 2023-10-01 15:35:27

Rating: Not rated yet

Let's keep this brief: you screwed up.

You're an elf at the North Pole. All you had to do was keep your head down and make toys. And for the past several months, you did just that.

But look at you now. It's Christmas Eve, and due to your blatant disregard for workplace safety, you've been shrunk to the size of a gumdrop.

The worst part? Nobody's any the wiser, including Santa's world-famous team of anthropomorphic reindeer. There are nine of them; a quirky bunch of bucks who, like the presents under a Christmas tree, come in many shapes and sizes. And tonight, they just might be your only hope of getting back to normal.

⚠️ Important note ⚠️
Be sure to download the game from the 'Download File' link to the side of this page, and play it with version 5.8 or later of Quest's desktop release. Quest is an awesome platform, but their servers tend to struggle a bit with games like this, and you may encounter some weird bugs or crashes when playing the online version. Thanks! <3

🦌 Content 🦌
You'll be getting a lot closer with your cervid coworkers - whether you'd like to or not.

You will likely encounter:
- Shrunken shenanigans
- Deer gobs, gullets, and guts
- Alternative vore
- Hooves
- Giant body exploration
- Crushing
- Light puzzle elements
- A deer who is probably not a deer
- And some other fun surprises...

The content of this edition (also known as "Nice Edition") is pretty PG-13. Or as PG-13 as furry vore can be, at least. In the future, I'm hoping to release a "Naughty Edition" featuring new puzzles, new scenes, and new holes to get engulfed by. Stay tuned!

❄️ Happy Holidays ❄️
From the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoy this weird little holiday gift.

Feedback of any kind is always welcome, I'd love to hear what you have to say! Please don't hesitate to drop a comment if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.

(The game's thumbnail is an edited image from this fantastic animated short.)

Oral Vore (OV) (80) M/f (32) M/m (38) Furry (57) Reformation (21) Micro (36) Shrinking (29) Food Play (19) Feet (18) Humiliation (20) Soft Vore (78) Digestion (62) Player Prey (39)

This game is available for free


Reindeer Games