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Chocola's Tower Climb Demo

Published: 2024-02-12 11:45:28

Rating: Not rated yet

Chocola accompanies Kina to the magicat world to help her look for an ingredient for a potion. In the area that they're looking in, there's a tall tower which is rumored to have at least 60 floors, but that's no important, or so they thought. As they split up to make their search easier, Chocola comes back to find that Kina is gone and a note is in her place that says that Kina has been taken into the tower. Now it's up to Chocola to go in and climb the tower and rescue Kina, with the help from a mysterious doctor.

Oral Vore (OV) (77) Cock Vore (CV) (28) Breast Vore (BV) (9) F/f (50) Furry (55) Endo (26) Sexual Content (58) Safe (33) Micro (35) Shrinking (27) Soft Vore (75) Player Prey (38)

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Chocola's Tower Climb Demo