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Review Policy

Visitors to Sites/Services are given the ability to add reviews to the materials provided on these Sites/Services. Providing a review requires the acceptance of our terms and conditions, our privacy policy, as well as this review policy.

Provided reviews are not automatically published on these Sites/Services. To ensure a high quality of provided reviews, reviews are first checked by, after that, a review is either accepted or rejected.

Visitors providing a review are required to enter an internet mail (e-mail) address. This address is stored alongside with the review. The provided address IS NOT published for the general public to see.

E-mail addresses are considered "personally identifiable" by many data protection laws that are in effect. We collect the e-mail address for the following sole reasons:

Contact the author
The provided address allows us to contact the author of a review should questions arise in regards to the provided review. This includes but is not limited to reviews that seem incomplete, irrelevant, unfair or contain inappropriate content. is not required to contact the author and retains the right to modify/delete reviews at any point in time for any reason in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Fulfill the right to be forgotten
Many modern data protection laws include the right to be forgotten. To honor this right, we need a way to verify the ownership of reviews. For this purpose the e-mail address has been chosen as the identifier. To have a review removed, the author must be in control of the provided address.

The provided address WILL NOT be shared with third parties or used to contact the owner for any other reason not stated above.

The e-mail address is stored together with the review. If a review is removed from Sites/Services, the address will be removed too.